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2013 – Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Directed by: Adam McKay
Written by: Will Ferrell, Adam McKay
Produced by: Judd Apatow, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay
Production year: 2012
Original release: December 18, 2013
Running time: 1 hour, 59 minutes
Other cast: Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate
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Movie Summary

Seven years after capturing the heart of co-anchor Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate), newsman Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) is offered the chance of a lifetime: a spot on the world’s first 24-hour global cable news network. Ron quickly assembles his team: Champ Kind (David Koechner), Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) and Brick Tamland (Steve Carell). Challenged by his tough female boss, a network owner and a popular anchor, Ron and his pals must find their own way to the top of the ratings.

Images from the Film

About the Character

In this film, Paul Rudd reprises his role as investigative reporter and anchorman Brian Fantana, from the 2004 comedy film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Fantana is from San Diego, CA and is a part of the Channel 4 News Team, along with Champ Kind and Brick Tamland, under Ron Burgundy’s leadership.

After the Channel 4 News team disbanded, Fantana moved to Los Angeles and became a cat/kitten photographer. His photography was a success, as his work made it into magazines. As Kind said, “Fantana hit the big time!” However, due to friendship loyalty, Fantana left the profession to move to New York and return to being a news anchor when Burgundy asked him to.

Among the Channel 4 News Team group, Fantana is the only one to really challenge Burgundy when Burgundy gets out of hand. He is protective of his friends and will help them if he can. Fantana also keeps a secret stash of weirdly-named condoms, similar to the colognes from the first film, that he presents to his friends to use.

Fantana sports a handlebar mustache and longer [than the previous film], wavy hair. His wardrobe mainly consists of bold-colored, patterned, collared shirts, or a bold-colored, patterned tie paired with a solid-colored shirt, or a leather jacket. He also wears an earring on his left ear, as well as golden rings, bracelets, and necklace.

Quotes from PG-13 Version

Brian Fantana: [while photographing kittens; groaning] Aww, baby. Yeah, that’s it. Play for me. Just play around. Roll around, lift those legs up. Mm, mm-oh, yeah. Oh, I like what’s happening. Oh, that’s it. Yeah, yeah. Oh, you little fuzzball, that’s–Oh!
Brian Fantana: I got it.

Brian Fantana: Hey, Ron, who’s driving?
Ron Burgundy: Oh, it’s okay, it’s on cruise control. Who wants some chimichangas? Best thing I ever did was install this deep fryer in the ‘bago.
Brian Fantana: Hey, Ron, cruise control just regulates speed. It doesn’t steer.
Ron Burgundy: Come again?

Brian Fantana: Tonight, I begin part one of my eleven-part series on the power and mystery of the human vagina. This series will be a tasteful look at just what makes that weird thing tick, as well as a look at the fifty greatest gi-gi’s of the twentieth century.

Ron Burgundy: Brian, any idea what you might do next?
Brian Fantana: Gonna head back to L.A. I got a good group of buddies out there. O.J. Simpson. Phil Spector. Robert Blake.
Ron Burgundy: Sounds like a fun crew.
Brian Fantana: We go out cruising chicks. Call ourselves the “Ladykillers.”
Ron Burgundy: I love that name. You should get is on the back of matching jackets.
Brian Fantana: That’s not a bad idea.

Ron Burgundy: Ah, there it is. Let the angels blow their trumpets. Brian Fantana’s world-famous jimmy cabinet.
Brian Fantana: For you, I’m thinking… The Gentle Mongoose. It’s made out of real mongoose hair, so it doesn’t work.
Ron Burgundy: All the romance of a wiry-haired weasel that kills snakes.
Brian Fantana: It feels amazing, though.
Ron Burgundy: Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Brian Fantana: You thinking what I’m thinking?
Ron Burgundy: Yep. Lou Dobin’s Good Time Wiener Pouch. That’s a good one.
Brian Fantana: “If it’s quality, it’s Dobin’s.” They’re made of denim, so they look better after each washing.
Ron Burgundy: Talk about a great time.
Brian Fantana: Wait a minute. I’ve got it. The Rigid Ghost. That’s the best damn rubber on the market. I got four of my seven illegitimate children using this condom.
Ron Burgundy: But, Brian, isn’t that the whole point of wearing a condom? To not impregnate the woman?
Brian Fantana: Well, you know the old expression. “Nope.”

Brian Fantana: You know what, Ron? We’re a news team, and that’s a bond for life. But I don’t like the man you’ve become. We were happy when you found us. I was photographing kittens, Champ was serving bats to people, and Brick was dead. We took a chance and followed you here. But you know what? I’m starting to realize, it was all about you, and beating Veronica, no matter what the cost. It wasn’t about the news. It wasn’t about the team. It definitely wasn’t about your son.

Ron Burgundy: Well, everyday begins about the same. I wake up screaming in terror because of the blackness and I think I’m dead.
Champ Kind: Every day?
Ron Burgundy: Yes! Every day! And then I begin what’s called The Great Adventure: making breakfast. I’ve eaten everything from nails to drink coasters. One time, I bit hard into a marble ashtray, thinking it was a savory waffle. I wanted that waffle so bad! Completely shattered my teeth.
Brian Fantana: Couldn’t you tell the ashtray wasn’t hot, like a waffle?
Ron Burgundy: No! I couldn’t! Because I’m blind! I’m not blind 23 hours a day, or 22 hours a day, I’m blind the whole goddamn time! Do you have any idea what it’s like to drink a half a bottle of ketchup, thinking it was a bottle of 1946 Châteauneuf-du-Pape? I even decanted it.
Brian Fantana: If you drank half a bottle of that, that’s like… That’s like nine or ten gulps. I mean, you couldn’t tell that was ketchup?
Ron Burgundy: Did I stutter? I’m ba-lind!

Brian Fantana: Sex panther powers activate!

Quotes from R-rated Version

Brian Fantana: Oh, hey. Look at this one, this one’s great. The experience of shooting that one was transcendent. So much so that I could confidently look into the eyes of any woman and say, “You know what? I know what childbirth is like.”
Ron Burgundy: And I bet you a woman would like to hear that.
Brian Fantana: Look at that little guy. In the fish bowl.
Ron Burgundy: I gotta say, it’s really great, and of course, it’s, it’s just so funny.
Brian Fantana: Yeah, sad ending to this one, though. Poor little guy snapped his neck when I was trying to get him out of the fish bowl. Stupid. I used tongs. Salad tongs. I don’t know why I didn’t just use my hand.
Ron Burgundy: Seems like you could’ve just tipped the jar on its side and let him crawl out on his own leisure.
Brian Fantana: Yeah, hindsight is 20/20.

Brian Fantana: Remember the time I took Champ’s mom to the hospital and then we hit it off and I gave her gonorrhea?
Ron Burgundy: Champ’s mom got the clap.
Champ Kind: Oh my god.
Brian Fantana: She was pissed.
Ron Burgundy: Fantana’s a dirty dog.
Brian Fantana: I’ll tell ya something. She was 78, but she didn’t look a day over 74.
Ron Burgundy: Get rid of the walker and the eye patch. I’ll tell ya, she ain’t bad looking. Good to go.
Champ Kind: Best part of it all, she actually fell in love with Brian.
Brian Fantana: Aw. How is she doing?
Champ Kind: She died yesterday.
Brian Fantana: Aw, that stinks. Tell her I said hi.
Champ Kind: Well, I can’t because she’s dead now.
Brian Fantana: Oh, “dead” dead.
Champ Kind: She passed away.
Brian Fantana: Gonorrhea?
Champ Kind: You don’t die from gonorrhea. You suffer quite a bit. Here’s the real kicker, and you guys are going to lose it. Do you know what her last words were? “Tell Brian I always loved him.”
[everyone laughs]
Brian Fantana: Oh. Well, tell her I said hi.
Champ Kind: No, I can’t. She’s not alive.
Brian Fantana: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brian Fantana: Do you eat gay food?
Skinny Guy: What’s the gayest food you can name?
Brian Fantana: Kiwis.

Brick Tamland: If I was gay for a day, I’d get bitten by a spider, and then I would have the powers of that spider. I’d climb walls, I’d shoot webs from my wrists, and I’d save the girl in distress. Gay, gay, gay!
Brian Fantana: I think he thinks gay means being Spider-Man.
Ron Burgundy: Hmm. I don’t know how you would confuse those two things.

Brian Fantana: Well, some experts say silicone breast implants are dangerous, unhealthy, and degrading to women. I say, in my most journalistic way I can, bring on the fun bags.
Ron Burgundy: Now, Brian, I read somewhere that the early prototypes of the breast implant were actually filled with taco meat.
Brian Fantana: Well, I don’t know, uh, I don’t know the specifics, but I do know they are still testing with all sorts of materials. Uh, pudding, whipped cream…
Ron Burgundy: Tuna fish.
Brian Fantana: Nickels.
Ron Burgundy: Okay, if you want the heavier breasts.

Champ Kind: [about Garfield; laughing] Oh my god. I think I just tore my undercarriage.
Brian Fantana: Oh man! He’s just like me, but he’s a cat.
Brick Tamland: That’s a cat?

Brian Fantana: You know, I might not be the smartest guy, but I know a thing or two about a thing or two. I know that if you’re pleasuring a woman down south, you use your tongue to spell out the alphabet around her… The bubble. Around her bubble.
Brick Tamland: The vulva!
Brian Fantana: The Volvo.

Brian Fantana: You know what, Burgundy, apologies are like assholes. Everyone’s got one and everyone’s got a shoe box full of Polaroids of them under their bed.
Ron Burgundy: I don’t know what that means.
Brian Fantana: It means that apologies are cheap, and I that have a shoe box full of Polaroids of butt holes and I keep it under my bed.

Fun Facts
  • There are three versions of the film. There is the original, PG-13 version, there is an unrated version, and there is an extended, R-rated version, which is not only longer, but also mainly consists of alternate versions of scenes not in the original film.
  • A sequel to Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) had been in the works for years but stalled, even with Rudd, Will Ferrell, and Steve Carell taking pay cuts to keep the budget down. Paramount Pictures didn’t like the numbers and didn’t agree to a sequel initially. However, the studio later decided to greenlight the sequel.

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