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2009 – Delocated

Paul as Himself
Created by: Jon Glaser
Original Network: Adult Swim
Number of Episodes: 1 (that Paul has starred in)
Production year: 2009
Original release: April 1, 2008 – March 7, 2013
Running time: 11 minutes (2008–2009), 22 minutes (2010–2013)
Other cast: Jon Glaser, Eugene Mirman, Jacob Kogan
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“Jon” is a family man with a problem. He testified against the Russian mob, specifically the Mirminsky family, which results in him having to go into the witness-protection program along with his wife and teenage son. After living in a quiet suburb for a while, “Jon” accepts an offer to have his family star in a reality show (not the best idea for a family in witness protection), for which they move into a New York loft. In order to hide their identities from the viewers and, more importantly, the Mirminsky family, “Jon” and his family wear ski masks and have their voices surgically disguised.