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2015 – Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter

Created by: Jon Glaser
Original Network: Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
Number of Episodes: 1
Production year: 2014
Original release: December 7, 2015
Running time: 22 minutes
Other cast: Jon Glaser, Scott Adsit, Steve Cirbus
Misc: IMDB | Hulu | iTunes

In the sleepy enclave of Garrity, Vermont, neon-clad Joe has a mysterious past and a highly specialised skill set: hunting werewolves. When a rash of werewolf fatalities strikes the town, the sheriff’s department needs help and enlists Neon Joe to help save the townspeople. He’ll have to catch the murderous beast before the next full moon or face more attacks. Later, when he opens a tropical-themed bar to try to get away from his werewolf-hunting, Neon Joe is pulled back into the fray.