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Feature: Paul Rudd for GQ Taiwan!

written by mouza
26 April 2018

Here is the original interview (Link), we tried to do our best with the translation, it sounds like broken English but it’s read-able enough, hope you guys can enjoy it!!

In Taiwan, people might call him “Ant-Man” when see his face. Some might not even know what his real name is. Indeed, Paul Rudd has become very famous all around the world after playing the marvel hero. Actually, he was known in quite some famous films before he played Ant-Man, those films were well-known among American. He appeared in Clueless in 1995, played a handsome guy Josh. His cast on US sitcom Friends has helped to gain his popularity. Producer has even amended the plot for him so that he could continue to cast on the sitcom. The two blockbuster comedies, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) and The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), have made him the regular cast-member of comedy. Ant-Man And The Wasp will be released in end June this year. We grabbed the opportunity to invite him to have photo-shooting in New York before he starts the promotion for the film. This superstar conquered the scene with his easy-going charm, he made us laugh non-stop.

Paul Rudd is good at playing romance comedy. He has a unique position among the Hollywood artists. He does not have the classic handsome face with gold hair like Captain America, nor the muscular body like Thor. However, his smile and high forehead have attracted a bunch of fans. He is not like Owen Wilson, likes to make the character silly but lovely, nor like the James Franco’s style of acting, nor like Steve Carell’s favorite awkward style acting. He can integrate American humor into every expression, every sentence and every session very intelligently and naturally. Humor can be lively too.

“Down to earth” is his weapon

He has never been thought of being an actor when he was young. He grew up in Kansas. His parents migrated from UK to USA. The family was not wealthy. His

charm comes from this kind of “down to earth” characteristic. Every man can see themselves from the character that played by him. Therefore, he is the most suitable one to play Ant-Man. Scott Lang (Ant-Man) does not possess the inherent supernatural power like other superheroes do. He, just like Paul, is an ordinary person. His attitude towards a story of superhero is like “Wow! What is happening?”. You might not know, he has been involved himself in the process of the script writing of Ant-Man since beginning till amendment. This might be the reason why he could act so naturally. Then, where does the charm of Paul Rudd come from? He is not pretentious, not arrogant; he treats other friendly and nicely; he is humorous. Those are nature-born characteristics, somethings that no one else can copy.

GQ: How do you feel for this cover shooting?

Paul Rudd (PR): There are many details that need to be noticed during photo shooting. Some are troublesome. But, I did enjoy the process this time, very smoothly. But I feel a little down when I change back my own attire after the shooting. The feeling is like I have a trial drive on Ferrari, but after that driving back home on my own lousy car (laugh).

GQ: What is the relationship between Ant-Man and other superheroes in Marvel world?

PR: I don’t know how to answer this kind of questions every time. As Marvel didn’t reveal much. What I can say is, although Ant-Man is an independent Marvel film, it relates to other Marvel series. Also, Ant-Man And The Wasp is crazier than Ant-Man, and more powerful visual effect.

GQ: What is the feeling of being one of the members of Marvel superheroes?

PR: Like being one of the members of the world champion team? It is kind of honor, but quite unrealistic. This is quite similar to my character in Friends. I tried not to hinder the main roles very carefully. I feel very fortunate and cherish the opportunity to be part of this international limelight.

GQ: Like most of the hidden Marvel superheroes, you are one of the few superstars that do not use any social media. Is there any reason behind?

PR: I think the most unnecessary thing in my life is the one distracted me most. My kids used to torture me with the word game apps “Words With Friends”. If I start to use social media, I might not able to stop. Sometimes, I think that social media is like fast food, very tasty, but it’s unhealthy, you even feel like vomit when overeat it. Some more, I don’t even feel like talking with those I know, much less strangers.

GQ: Many people has high expectation on Wasp in Ant-Man And The Wasp. Can you tell us more about her?

PR: Haha! Wasp is a nature-born hero character. She can jump and fight. She can shrink herself down like Ant-Man. Other than that, she has wings and can project missile. This makes Scott (Ant-Man) a little unhappy. But Ant-Man’s helmet has improvement. It is now more powerful than the helmet in Captain America: Civil War. But it is not functioning sometimes even though there is improvement.

GQ: Is the costume making of Ant-Man the most complicated among all Marvel superheroes?

PR: It is really complicated. Helmet of Ant-Man alone comprises of more than 100 parts. Inside there even some wires, to make it shines. The controller can even adjust the brightness of the helmet. I feel like I am a French chandelier (laugh).

GQ: Among all the supernatural power of Ant-Man, which do you like most?

PR: To be able to shrink down is really a convenient capability. Small until almost invisible. You can even see the world with a totally different point of view. This must be very cool. But, I also like the capability to communicate with ants. This is unique and awesome!

GQ: If you were given a supernatural power, what do you want?

PR: Move instantly! Imagine how much time, money and energy you can save with this supernatural power. Oh, yeah, but this must include instant moving with anything. If so, I can jump to an island with my luggage in a second. It is quite troublesome if I can’t bring any luggage. Other than this, be able to speak all languages and play all musical instruments in the world are also quite useful.

GQ: What is the difference between Scott Lang (Ant-Man) and other Marvel superheroes? How do you approach to the role?

PR: I think the most difference is that, Scott Lang is a super-duper ordinary dude. He has some stealing ability indeed, but this is far beyond supernatural power. That is why the process is very unbelievable to him. He even doubts that he should just withdraw himself. The purpose of my casting as different characters is to reach consensus and resonance between characters and audiences. And in Ant-Man, it is a good idea to look for some humors and funny things through all these crazy happenings.

GQ: I think as a Marvel superhero, you have to do a lot of physical training?

PR: You are right. Physical training is really a full-time job. Everyday eat some food at regular time. Do cardio training once in the morning and once in the evening. Weight training 5 days a week. But this has naturally become part of my life.

GQ: Have you ever admire these heroes’ comics in your young age?

PR: I like comics, but not a fan. I have bought some comics when I was young. Hulk was very famous at that time. It played on TV always. I like that very much when I was young. But most of the comics that I bought were humor type.

GQ: Hero always helps those need helps. Have you ever involved in any charity works?

PR: Yeah, some, mainly in my own hometown, the one for Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas. That is really an amazing place and full of hopes. As this children hospital will ever turn down any children that go there, no matter they are paying or not. That is also an outstanding children cancer research center. I donate to the hospital every year, and this is the 10th year. Another one is This is an organization that helps stuttering children.

GQ: Let’s talk about fashion style. What is the must-have in a modern gentleman’s wardrobe do you think?

PR: A pair of nice leather shoes. I think shoes are the most important item. Next would be a black or grey colored suit, a pair of fitted jeans and a simple white shirt.

GQ: Can you give some fashion tips to our readers?

PR: No matter what style you are wearing, you must get them to alter. Not only suit must be fitted, even shirt, length of the pants, width, everything.

GQ: We have seen you growing with all kind of mustache, which type do you like most?

PR: I really love mustache! Especially the thick and heavy beard. I like myself in the thick and heavy beard. Or the walrus-style mustache that I had in Mute, that is fun too (laugh).

GQ: Last, what else do you want to share with our readers?

PR: I am thankful if you are willing to read until here! Thanks. Maybe you are waiting to see a doctor and this is the only magazine on the shelf. Or maybe you don’t even care who I am, no problem. I do hope you have a good result on your medical report!

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