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Photos: 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards

7 January 2020 Posted by mouza

Happy new year everyone!

Paul stepped out in a dashing Prada suit to attend the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards where he was nominated for Living With Yourself but lost to that show that I refuse to talk about. Click on the photos below to check out the full albums of Paul on the red carpet, show and Netflix After Party where he reunited with his life partner Adam Scott.


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Gallery Update: Paul Rudd for Esquire Singapore

31 December 2019 Posted by mouza

With a huge thanks to Alexander Skarsgård Archives we have a first look at Paul looking gorgeous for an amazing feature for Esquire Singapore.

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Coverage: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

13 December 2019 Posted by mouza

Paul stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last month, check out the videos below and head to the gallery for the photo coverage.

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Coverage: The Late Late Show with James Corden

1 November 2019 Posted by mouza

Paul stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden last week to talk about the release of Living With Yourself on Netflix. Check out the photo and video coverage.

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Coverage: Jimmy Kimmel Live

1 November 2019 Posted by mouza

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Paul during his appearance of Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of weeks ago.

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Photos: ‘Living With Yourself’ Premiere & After Party

17 October 2019 Posted by mouza

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Paul attending the premiere of his upcoming Netflix show ‘Living With Yourself’ in Los Angeles.

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Feature: Paul Rudd for the New York Times

8 October 2019 Posted by mouza

Like many other moviegoers, Paul Rudd emerged from “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” thinking a lot about Brad Pitt. Having spent a couple of hours this summer in a darkened theater, where he watched the effortlessly self-assured Pitt spar with Bruce Lee, pal around with Leonardo DiCaprio and strip off his shirt to fix a television antenna, Rudd left feeling slightly bedazzled and slightly intimidated, but also feeling that his own place in the cultural hierarchy had been clarified.

“I thought, my God, what a movie star, just so cool,” Rudd said a few weeks ago, still sounding awe-struck. His voice rose to an ironic timbre — “Leo’s no slouch either!” — before it returned to its usual, gentler register as he described how the Brad-gazing experience reminded him that audiences were never going to see him in quite the same way.

“I came to terms pretty early on,” he said, “that I was not going to be the guy up there that people would watch, going, ‘Yes! That’s who I want to be!’”

Rudd has been a film and TV star in his own right for more than 25 years now, from his earliest appearances in movies like “Clueless” to his first Netflix series, “Living With Yourself,” which debuts Oct. 18. Though some of us may feel that we’ve known him forever, he is, at age 50, just reaching a new peak of fame, thanks in part to mammoth Marvel blockbusters like “Avengers: Endgame,” in which he plays the wisecracking superhero Ant-Man. He’s been filming a lead role in a new “Ghostbusters” movie that is planned to open next summer, and which could elevate him even higher.

But his costumed adventuring is an outlier; Rudd has carved out his particular piece of pop-cultural turf by playing people who don’t necessarily get to swagger triumphantly, save the day or induce swooning.

O.K., maybe just a little swooning. But the tough, quiet Brad Pitt roles are “not coming my way, and I’m not fighting for them,” Rudd said. “Because the truth is, I don’t quite relate to them in the same way that I relate to a guy who is mildly depressed or put-upon, and trying to fight his way out of this common situation.”

His wheelhouse, as Rudd understands it, is a certain sort of Everyman who, despite the good looks and charisma, is an avatar of averageness. In his most successful performances, he is besieged by quotidian problems; he is blessed with impeccable comic timing but at his funniest when he’s flailing and frustrated. Sometimes he can seem like two people at once.

It’s a dichotomy Rudd uses to full advantage in “Living With Yourself,” a comedy-drama with a science-fiction twist. In the series, he plays Miles, a dejected brand executive who has lost his passion for his work and his marriage. On a tip from a co-worker, he tries a mysterious spa treatment that he hopes will make him a new and better man — and which instead results in the creation of a clone (also played by Rudd) who is seemingly superior to Miles in every way. [More at Source]

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News: Paul Rudd Joins ‘Ghostbusters 2020’

27 June 2019 Posted by mouza


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Photos: Big Slick Celebrity Weekend 2019

9 June 2019 Posted by mouza

It’s that time of the year again where Paul goes back to Kansas City to celebrate Big Slick Weekend! Big Slick Celebrity Weekend is an annual event that happen every year in Kansas City where celebrities get together to raise money for Mercy Children’s Hospital. Paul have been one of the founding members of the event and a huge supporter.

This year, Paul & Co celebrated the 10th anniversary of the event by collecting a little more than $2.5 million for the hospital and breaking the $10 Million cap. I’ve updated the gallery with over 100 photos of Paul through out the last few days.

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